About Saudi Visas

SaudiVisas is based in central London, ten minutes from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. We are professional visa service consultants and have been specialising in obtaining visas on behalf of UK travellers for many years now. We provide a fully personalised service for both large corporate organisations and individuals.

Our service saves you the time and stress that comes along with visa applications and in the past we have helped major businesses such as KPMG Al-Fozan & Al-Sadhan, Mobily, Rolls Royce-KSA, RLB and BNY Mellon.

So, whether you are a business, a family or a student we can take you through the steps of getting your visa. If you use our services the application process falls into three easy steps and we keep in contact with you at every step of the way. Additionally, all the information you send us is double-checked, so you can be sure that there are no mistakes by the time it reaches the Embassy.

Unlike other companies we only work with Saudi Arabian visas, meaning that our knowledge is highly specialised. We can answer your queries at any stage of the process and can contact the agencies in Saudi Arabia if necessary. This is helped by the fact that all of our team speak fluently in both English and Arabic.

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