Attestation Services

Attestation by Solicitor and FCO

£35 (Solicitor fee) including handling charge = £35 (this process should not take more than 2 working days) – For Certificates

£75 each (FCO Fee) for Certificate and medical + £60.00 each (handling) = £270.00 (this process should not take more than 2 working days if the attesting doctor is registered with the FCO) – Includes Medical + Certificates


Attestation by the Saudi Cultural Office

In order to have a degree or certificate attested by the Saudi Cultural Office, the following will be required:


  • 1.

    Covering letter addressed to (Saudi Arabian Cultural Attaché) requesting the attestation of the document, stating the reason. Full address, contact numbers and email

  • 2.

    Original Letter from the present employer in Saudi Arabia, addressed to (Saudi Arabian Cultural Attaché) stating the reason (attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia for private sector employers)

  • 3.

    Copy of the job offer from the present employer

  • 4.

    Copy of the passport

  • 5.

    Signed consent letter addressed to the Records Office/Registry of the issuing body (e.g. university, Royal College) attached copy

  • 6.

    The Original certificate


a)Please note that templates for letter for the Saudi Cultural Office can be provided on request

b)Please note that authentication will take a minimum of 6/8 weeks. In case of documents issued prior to 1985 the process will be quite lengthy as not all issuing bodies have computerized their records and require doing a manual check.

c) To speed up the process in future you need to request each applicant to contact his/her university to send email to confirm the qualification to and copy to him/her, print and submit the complete documents).

University needs to confirm the following in the email:

  • Title of the course
  • Date of award
  • Mode of attendance (Full/Part time/Distance)
  • The campus of study
Elfateh Ali
Document Attestation
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Cultural Bureau in UK
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Tel: +44 203 249 7293
Fax: +44 203 249 7005
* Please note above prices are inclusive of VAT 20%, where necessary.

Medical report

The cost of your medical report service:

Please note that we can book you in to our appointment center in Harley Street with minimum notice. £350.00 (This process should take no more than 2 working days)

Processing charges:

£100.00 Per Degree/Certificate
* Please book an appointment, once your application is completed to come to our office.

* Please note above prices are inclusive of VAT 20%, where necessary.